Photo credits: Julian Lee

"A hobby is a spare-time recreation pursuit.  It may stretch from collecting, modelling, gaming, photography, drawing, creating and even dressing."

Whilst some hobbies strike many people as trivial or boring, hobbyist have found something compelling and entertaining about them.  This fact has brought genres such as Table-top games, collectible Card Games, Cosplaying, Figurine, Manga drawing, Doujinshi, Blogging and Japanese Subculture fashion.

The hobbies above have long existed in Sabah, but was never acknowledge nor understood by the common public.  Lack of exposure, understanding and misconception has thus left many who dwell into this activities into "closet hobbyist".  Until the coming of HobbyCon.

That is what HobbyCon is all about.  It is set to be a medium, to show the public in Sabah that there are many cool and interesting "unknown" hobbies that have been left unexplored.  That HobbyCon is THE place to gather people who share the same passion as them:  The love for their hobby, and to not let the hobbies left forgotten.

HobbyCon have the following objectives:-

  1. An event to show "never seen before hobbies" and to act as a platform that will grab public attention.
  2. A chance to display / showcase the hobby.
  3. Gather people of the same passion.
  4. To rekindle the enthusiasm of the hobby among those who have forgotten what it means to be a hobbyist.

Photo credits: Julian Lee

HobbyCon made its 1st debut on December 8th and 9th, 2007 at Kompleks Asia City (KAC) and was totally manned by volunteers from a forum known as "", Sabah 1st biggest online hobby community (membership of 500 youths and it increases)ClickStartPlay (CSP) forum members are the core and running engine of the event!  HobbyCon thus can be said an event "run by fans for fans" and the event would continue to be manned by the enthusiastic members of CSP.  As they know best what to give to the crowd!

HobbyCon was an unexpected success!  For it to run for 2 days at KAC, an estimated crowd of 2000 people turned up for this otherwise unknown and badly publicized event.  The unexpected turn out was a testament that Sabah youth are keen and interested to know more about the hobbies present at HobbyCon!

Photo credits: Julian Lee

HobbyCon was not merely an event that just "sits and display", it was all about getting the crowd involved.  Every booth that day had some activities, example: The "Pump It Up" (PIU) crew were inviting families to dance together, the cosplay (fans who dress as their favorite anime / game characters) were taking photos with the public, the manga (Japanese comic) artist were selling their own work and giving public live drawings.  These are the small activities that were  introduced to the public.

HobbyCon is now THE event that Sabah youth are looking forward!

Thank you for all your support!