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Computer Gaming

Computer gaming: IT Station will set up a table and showcase some of the original games available. Place your order on your most wanted computer games, purchase computer accessories or MMORPG cards from them. Game on!


Kota Kinabalu Cosplay Club (KKCC) just as the name is a cosplay club. Cosplaying is a Japanese fashion statement dressing up as favourite anime / manga characters. This club's main objective is to bring together people here in Kota Kinabalu, who are interested in this Japan's popular pop culture. This club also offers a place for those who are interested in japanese fashion trends such as Gothic/Punk/Sweet Lolita,Visual Kei etc. Not only that,there would be dicussions on general topics such as anime, manga and games.

Kota Kinabalu Cosplay Club (KKCC): The KKCC will be present that day to add to the exciting atmosphere of Hobbycon.The KKCC will also be displaying certain Lolita costumes and members of the public are encouraged to ask more, maybe take some pictures as remembrance or even better, join the KKCC club for future photo session and sharing on this unique fashion trend.

For more information about KKCC, please visit our forum thread here.

Dance Performances

Dance performances by KKCC: The Kota Kinabalu Cosplay Club (KKCC) will be dancing to a song or 2 that day. Famous anime songs from Paradise Kiss “Your so Lucky!” to other famous dances like “Haruhi” from A Melancholy of Suzumiya. There would be other dance performances by other group (T.B.A). Come see this and dance along!

Live Blogging

Photo credits: Julian Lee

Live Blogging: If you are a blogger and would like to cover this event, we would like to invite you to "live blog" during the event.  The public will have access to the wifi facility during the event and can blog about their experiences during the event, just like last year.  We hope to secure a laptop for bloggers and maybe a video cam for you to record this event.

Kindly check our live blog by clicking here.


Photo credits: maslight

Manga Club Gathering and selling: There will be a Manga (Japanese comic) sales by our own KK Manga Club (known as the Team Day Dreamers). The group will be present that day to sell their own manga. Come support KK manga! We will also be selling other mangas from Gempak.

Mnu Illustrative Content iV (2006) is also available for selling. MnU was conceived about 5 years ago by a group of animation artists in a small studio in Kelana Jaya who started out small and young,but with much more to offer. The artists themselves had no idea where each of their footsteps will take them, neither do they want to lose out on that special relationship they have all shared during their collaborative works on the tv series there. So the idea of coming up with an coopeerative art book project came into play. If you are a fan of Mnu artwork, you could pre-order the next book on this day.

Public are welcome to join the manga club, the club will contact you for any future Artjam (a comic sharing, social + workshop). Come see some of our own local talent and help support!

PSP and NDS Zone

PSP and NDS zone: If you are a PSP or NDS owner, we would like to invite you to come over and join us for free gaming sessions. A table area will be ready on that day itself and some of our members will be there hoping to have some of the public join us for a group game. Monster Hunter anyone?

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